Geology Underfoot Along Colorado’s Front Range

“Lon Abbott and Terri Cook have prepared what is sure to become the classic guide to a potpourri of wonderful places to visit, enjoy, and learn about the diverse geology found along the Front Ranges. The pictures and images are first class and very helpful.”
—Vince Matthews, Former Director, Colorado Geologic Survey

Geology Underfoot Along Colorado's Front Range, book coverThe transition from the relatively flat Great Plains to the craggy peaks of Colorado’s Front Range is one of North America’s most abrupt topographical contrasts.

“I am thrilled by the way you two tied in the geology of Colorado to the entire earth.”—Raul Georr

The epic, 1,800-million-year geologic story behind this amazing landscape is even more awe inspiring. The 21 chapters, or vignettes, in Geology Underfoot along Colorado’s Front Range narrate this tale, from the Front Range’s humble beginnings as a flat, nondescript seafloor through several ghostly incarnations as towering mountain ranges.

“Thanks again for the best popular geology book I’ve read.”—Michael Stevens

At easily accessible stops along the Front Range’s highways and byways you’ll meet the apatosaur and other dinosaurs who roamed the floodplains and beaches that once covered the Front Range; look for diamonds in rare, out-of-the-way volcanic pipes; learn how America’s mountain, Pikes Peak, developed from molten magma miles below the surface only to become an important visual landmark; and walk the Gangplank, a singularly important plateau for both nineteenth-century westward expansion and our understanding of the Front Range’s most recent exhumation.

“It is WONDERFUL.”—Sarah Rogers

“The latest offering from geologist Lon Abbott and science writer Terri Cook is a tale of the geologic history of the entire Colorado Front Range, interwoven with stories of the state’s human history. The book is divided into small vignettes about different places, so readers can easily tackle small chunks at a time — maybe, for example while riding down I-25 toward Colorado Springs to explore Garden of the Gods or another great geologic site. The book is designed for any adult reader. It is sufficiently sophisticated that professional geologists will learn from it, but the prose is clear and clean enough that lay readers will not be lost in a sea of unintelligible jargon and scientific concepts. It’s also nicely illustrated with more than 200 diagrams and photographs.”—EARTH Magazine, Geomedia Guide

“The book is well written and easy to understand. I highly recommend reading this if you are curious about the geology of Colorado’s Front Range!”—Randall Turner


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