Hiking the Grand Canyon’s Geology by Terri Cook and Lon Abbott

Hiking the Grand Canyon's Geology, bookEtched on the Grand Canyon’s steep walls are stories of how this majestic landscape came to be: volcanic islands, stark deserts, and tranquil seas come and gone, and histories of plants and animals that have made this place their home.

“This text was a true delight and an eye-opener. The explanations of the geology associated with each step down the different trails really brings to life the geological history of the Canyon.” —Gary Barnes

You’ll see this story up close on the trail with the help of Hiking the Grand Canyon’s Geology. In eighteen excursions, there’s something for everyone-from the most popular rim-to-river trails to gentle, half-day rim walks to rugged and remote multi-day backpack trips.

“The authors actually make events of the last 4600 million years (!) jump off the page as if they were part of a live action series!”—Bob Hockett

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